Marijuana legalization and national debt

With California taking the lead in marijuana legalization, especially strong spinoff benefits could be expected. Opinions on the matter are not often black or white, or yes or no. The substance itself isn't as much illegal as is the indirect effects such as economical effects, political effects, ect.

It should be legalized. Thousands of people die each year because of senseless gang violence. It's not new, the idea has been around, and the political will may in fact be there to make something happen. All we have to do is look at the two legalized drugs, tobacco and alcohol, and look at the carnage that they've caused.

They all said the marijuana laws should have been repealed long ago because they do more harm than good. If he is confirmed as the so-called drug czar, Kerlikowske will take with him experience as police chief of Seattle, where he made it clear that going after people for possessing marijuana was not a priority for his force.

Do we really need to add yet another mind-altering substance to the array. It is a very lucrative market that has been fostered in dark alleys, cars, and abandoned lots. If everyone else doesn't take it is moderate amounts the damage will be towards their lungs and that is all.

I will never give him kudos for anything. The opposition suggests that the implementation of the rule would prompt a nursing shortage, cause hospitals to close if they could not staff enough nurses and could increase emergency room wait times, especially during mass casualty events or an outbreak.

A certified question on the ballot would impose a limit on the number of patients a nurse could be assigned to during a shift. Marijuana Impairs Memory and Cognition.

Where states stand on legalizing recreational and medical marijuana ABC News confirmed Michigan voters approved the state's proposition -- making it the first state to legalize the possession and use of recreational marijuana in the Midwest.

In no where in your posts did you say that you wanted to debate legitimate reasons, just reasons. Soon he will be to busy covering his own but to sign anything.

VOTE on November 6th. Patient care in Massachusetts Massachusetts voters were also being asked a question about patient care. Taxpayers have to bear the cost for the expenses: They studied the health records of 65, patients over a number of years.

Have you ever heard of a car accident involving marijuana. Does anyone have any real evidence that marijuana should have ever been illegal.

Federal marijuana enforcement directive cheered by legalization advocates

In addition, money allotted to combat the "War on Drugs" could be made available for possible use toward health care, education, social welfare programs, and alleviating the national debt. Could it possibly be that the people who were survey twisted the truth or could it be that marijuana does not influence other drug usage.

Report this Argument Pro I asked "Does anyone have any real evidence that marijuana should have ever been illegal. Of these, 37 people said they used it within 24 hours of their heart attacks.

People who committed drug offenses in the past could be given a new chance at life, and more attention and money could be allotted toward the creation of drug rehabilitation centers and drug treatment programs.

Traffic violations and accidents are likely to increase.

Estimating What National Legalization of Cannabis Could Do For U.S. Economy by 2020

It is inconcievable and unsustainable for the dollar and the U. You have the opportunity to make history this election. This is not a war on technicalities. It just takes a minute, DO IT!. Essay on legalizing marijuana Marijuana legalization In this article the author talks about the legalization of marijuana.

Insurance is rough for me right now. Report this Argument Pro With all due respect, why would i want you to tell me why the government thinks marijuana should be illegal. Marijuana Legalization essays A Proposal to Marijuana Legalization Shots fired from left and right whiz by your head as you walk anxiously through the ghettos towards your downtown apartment steps.

Marijuana Legalization and Taxes: Federal Revenue Impact

The longer you hold marijuana in, the more high you get. The Strange Career of Marihuana: Top two countries for engineering, sciences and mathematics. B Economic Revenues from Taxation: With any revenue ideas, people say you have to think outside the box, you have to be creative, and I feel that the issue of the decriminalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana fits that bill.

Claim: Canada paid off their entire federal debt one day after legalizing Gov.

Why we need to finally legalize marijuana

Andrew Cuomo has appointed working group to draft a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. do anything I can to prevent the legalization of marijuana" Off the National Debt With. Jun 28,  · With medical marijuana now legal in 30 states (including Oklahoma where voters approved a ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana last week) legalization.

See Joseph Henchman, Marijuana Legalization and Taxes: Lessons for Other States from Colorado and Washington, Tax Foundation Special Report (Apr. 20, ). [4] Id. [5] Reported marijuana market size is the median of the reported market size from several studies of marijuana.

Watch video · Could marijuana legalization stop opioid addiction and overdose? Can legalizing marijuana fight the problem of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses? Two. PotNetwork is pleased to bring you our Marijuana Stock Weekend from our partner publication mobile-concrete-batching-plant.come journalist and Head of Research Scott Willis covers the marijuana stock market in-depth, with over 12 years of institutional investment management experience in analyzing both debt and .

Marijuana legalization and national debt
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