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The problem is patriarchy, inequality, discrimination, inequitable distribution of resources, religious control and fear of women. Therefore they would be required to pay taxes. While in many countries it has been legalized, in others it is strongly condemned due to cultural and religious factors.

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If the client demands unprotected sex, many of the prostitutes cannot afford to say no. In countries where women have a higher percentage of political power, violence against women is lower. The costs of legalized prostitution in moral terms cannot be eliminated by the sanctions.

This must produce as a consequence a beneficial, if at first startling, evolution in the morality of male and female relations. Wives do not trust their husbands anymore as they know that their husbands have full freedom to go to any other woman.

Prostitution term papers Disclaimer: Legalization of prostitution is not an option in many countries. If prostitution were legalized then it would be considered a job.

Equalizing political power is another approach. It is from these background cases that the significance of sex work as a site of higher incomes or livelihoods emerges. The morality changes because the unnecessary and ugly effects of the criminalization are removed, and prostitution then becomes nothing but a choice of career.

Legalizing prostitution can also increase the instances of human trafficking. This is because the society realizes that each individual has a right to choose his or her lifestyle in a democratic world.

Concisely, prostitution degrades the morals of the society by making women mere sex objects and increasing the rate of STD transmission.

For as long as people have both money and sexual frustration some will continue to pay others to satisfy them. The proponents of legalization of prostitution also hold the view that such a profession is a source of employment for many people.

This happens even when prostitution is illegal.

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Embracing these alternatives will help the government raise its taxes without sacrificing the decency of its citizens. Many of the people hire prostitutes and sell them to men looking for sexual pleasure for loads of money.

To legalize prostitution may be defensible in regard to many issues, such as crime influences and controls, health matters, and revenue considerations, but these potential advantages are removed from the moral core of the practice.

They are more frequently exposed to dangerous clients, while the serious clients are afraid of being arrested Prostitution involves commercial sex, where individuals make a living by having sex with different partners. By black politicians to be legalized.

In Sweden, prostitution is officially acknowledged as violence against women and a tool of oppression. The question is if prostitution is illegal then why is the industry for prostitutes expanding.

Arguments against violence against legalization of illegal prostitution, not legalizing prostitution. Countries such as Netherland where prostitution is legal are already experiencing significant growth.

Moreover, it is a violation of international law. Then, there is the further leveling aspect of a legalized market wherein men are permitted to safely work as prostitutes. Prostitution Opposition: This is a persuasive essay for legalizing prostitution. It features financial reasoning and better use of police resources as reasoning.

Essay by purplepeopleeater, College, Undergraduate, A, April /5(3). Prostitution has thrived for hundreds of years because of this concept and reality. By legalizing prostitution, the government can help regulate the spread of diseases amongst prostitutes and paying customers.

Prostitution is one of the growing concerns around the globe. Governments of different countries seem to have no answer to this illegal act. While in many countries it has been legalized, in others it is strongly condemned due to cultural and religious factors.

Legalized prostitution cannot exist alongside the true equality of women. The idea that one group of women should be available for men’s sexual access is founded on structural inequality by gender, class and race. Moreover, it is a violation of international law.

In fact, failure to challenge. Legalizing Prostitution Legalizing prostitution would be more harmful than helpful to the world.

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Legalization of prostitution would increase child prostitution, doesn't protect the women in prostitution, and doesn't enhance women's choice. Legalization of prostitution- Sweden Prostitution is the exchange of sexual relations for economic gain.

Most commonly, currency is used for transactions- being the most fluid of assets. Prostitution is a branch from the Sex Industry and is illegal in many countries.

Prostitution opposition persuasive essay legalizing prosti
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